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What does this app do?

Cart Assistant has been entirely developed to help clients with high cart abandonment rates, it allows you to take advantage of its full capability to work in interactive ways with customers and how they shop in your online store.


You can now offer customers a more dynamic way to interact with the cart usage and drive more customers to sales before they abandon the cart by providing them an extra advantage when shopping and better ways to allow them to return to your site to complete their order.


Cart Assistant has been developed around problems many e-commerce sites face everyday and will continuously keep elaborating your query into a new solution, the purchase of this app will guarantee an increase in sales and reduction on cart abandonment from 10-40% improvement based on our clients data from 1st and 2nd quarter of the year of 2017 collected by Google Analytics E-commerce data, we believe that still many other reasons may cause a site to have a high abandon rate being them the highest reason price and availability, Cart Assistant will give you the tools to raise awareness of these factors and identify what products are constantly left abandoned in the cart in real time so you can make the best of your ecommerce with a new sale strategy on the go, no need to wait for predicted e-commerce abandonment rates.


Why monthly billing?

We simply can't stop making it better!

When we develop an app we like to deliver a great quality app that will do what it says and beyond, so to allow us putting greater quality into our app production a monthly subscription will cover the substantial cost to improve the app quality for you.

We make apps that were carefully elaborated for clients and partners operating with an online business using Business Catalyst so you can have outstanding benefits such as:

- On request new feature implementation, just send us your requirement we will look into it for you

- Guaranteed money return from its functionalities if properly implemented

- Technical Support, any problems? we are here to fix them!

- New cool updates, why not!



Cart Identifier

Released on Tuesday October 10, 2017

Cart Identifier

With Cart Identifier you can create product identifiers that can show a custom content for a specified product when on the cart summary page.  


This feature is very useful on e-commerce sites where flashing offers can make a difference to sell a product in bulk or clear a sale inventory for a new stock.

Suggested Usages

Create a product identifier to show an exclusive offer or information of a product promoting its sale or informing your users of special offers that comes with the product, in your text you can say that by buying 3 or more of this item you automatically get a volume discount, or you can show a special offer for that specific product at the checkout.

Cart Identifier requires Cart Assistant PRO v1.1.3 or higher - UPDATE or INSTALL to have this awesome feature.

Cart Monitor

Released on Thursday September 7, 2017

Cart Monitor

This feature scans and collects all carts in the site and display all the carts with detailed information such as the cart session, products and their quantities, discounts applied, vouchers applied, shipping options, shipping cost, cart total, last update made by the user and a status watcher that programmatically identifies the user activity time and can specify if the user is active inactive or can be considered abandoned, if a customer places an order you can see the order details and access the order and the customer details from Cart Monitor.


Cart Monitor also recognizes products currently in other users cart and is able to show custom and interactive content based on the product the user sees:


Cart product Detection – This feature will display a custom message when a product is currently added to a user cart, with custom parameters you can enter the number of users currently with the same product ready to checkout.


Cart product Detection w/ Stock Interaction – Let your customers know that the product they are currently viewing can be in stock limitation quantity and others have it in their cart, this is a new way of letting customers aware of the stock shortage and allowing the content message to guide them to a fast checkout if they want to purchase the last one remaining. You can also enter a custom message if the product has sold out or stocks are “0”.


Product Sales Record – This feature will show a sleek pop up for the product currently being viewed with a sales record count and a custom message and parameters available showing when the product has lastly been sold, with conditional options to show the alert only for specific products.


Cart Monitor is a great way to have insights of your site users shopping and how they use the shopping cart, check what products are added the most in people’s cart, access a sale just after its done and many more coming with our monthly updates to the app.


Cart Hero

Released on Thursday September 7, 2017

Cart Hero

This feature will save your logged in customer’s cart as soon they start adding items to the cart, providing you full details of the products quantities and price together with customer’s name and email if in the cart summary shipping option chosen and the cost of shipment will be detailed.


“Cart hero will auto save the person’s cart whenever a change is made to the cart saved!, too long no activity saved!, whenever a person attempts to leave the site saved!, also provides an anytime manual save option, Cart Hero* can be used in anywhere in your e-commerce site with no disruption.”


Best practices for better usages are when a customer is invited to log in for advantages in your site as they arrive this options can be used as a cart recovery system, to allow you sending communication emails to the customer inviting them to return and finalize their order.


You can enter a custom message in the web app created so when customers save their cart they get notified that their products have been saved in their account for a later check out.


Cart Hero comes with a custom template for the carts saved but it also provides an option to use your own template.


Additional Options:


Cart Sharing – Allows customers to share their cart from anywhere on the site or as they are with shipping and products, currently on desktop customers can share carts by email and on mobile customers may share by email, SMS and WhatsApp.


Hero Push Notification - Alert customers if they left something in the cart on your website for a period of time without any activity, when clicked on this alert the customer is taken directly to the site cart ready to resume check out, this feature uses desktop system notifications and will alert your customers wherever they are in their devices, this feature currently works on Chrome, Firefox and IE9+ and mobile devices currently working on Android devices running Chrome.


Cart Message

Released on Thursday September 7, 2017

Cart Message

Enables you to enter a custom amount you want to let your customers interact with and you can show them a custom positive or negative message based on how much they added to cart, this method can be used to drive customers to spend a little more on order to get some advantage whilst shopping online.


Cart Message provides a set of options for value calculation in the cart to be used, being Total Cart amount, Products Combined amount with and without tax, Shipping total with and without tax.


Suggested Usages for Cart Message:

  • Provide a discount/voucher code when a person added a certain amount in the cart.
  • When a free shipping option is available for an amount order.
  • Use it as a callout to your customers.
  • Can be used with cart summary using liquid or template.

Technical Details – Cart Message* comes with Foundations 6 responsive layout and also custom classes to style the message container and the messages within to look more like your own site design.


Usage Example Cart Message - Set a free shipping method when your cart has reached £30, you can use the Cart Assistant to enter the qualifying value £30 and tell the user:_

POSITIVE (if they reached 30+): - "Great! it looks like you got a free shipping for order of £35.99"


_NEGATIVE (if the user is bellow -30): - "Do you know you can get a free shipping if you added another £6.98"..

Update 1.2 - Rich Content Editor with text format styles, insert images and hyperlinks, tables. - Custom message for Standard logged off users, currently logged in users, and logged in wholesalers.


Cart Redirect

Released on Thursday September 7, 2017

Cart Redirect


Cart Redirect* The cart redirect enables customers to be redirected to a special page within the site when the shopping cart has been emptied, by choosing one of the pages from your site from a dropdown and clicking save it will automatically redirect customers to the selected page (it will not allow redirection to a different page other than the site pages), a message is optional to let users know why they are being redirected you may enter the name of the page they are being redirected to within the message dialog before redirection.


Specify a page (via dropdown) to redirect customers too along with an optional customer message when the shopping cart has been emptied.


Suggested Usages for Cart Redirect:

  • Provide your customer with an offer page before leaving the site.
  • Automating of the cart page when empty.
  • Display offers and discount codes using the sleek dialog message.




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  • VERSION 1.1.8

    UPDATE 1.1.8 27/02/18

    What's New!

    - Cart Monitor: Now you can open cart monitor on a new window and get tab alerts when a new cart has been detected, no need to use Cart Monitor in the admin all the time get real-time cart data on the go!

    - Cart Monitor: Real-time product availability, with this option, enabled you can see in real time the quantity remaining of the product/s in the cart, this is a very helpful resource when selling items with quick stock change.

    - Cart Monitor: Product low stock custom notification, now it will only show your custom message for products with Inventory Control Enabled.

    - Cart Identifier: Experience a faster and more responsive editing, support to up to 1000 products, and yet more useful resources coming along 2018.

    - Other improvements made to the app performance and design. 


  • VERSION 1.1.3

    UPDATE 1.1.3 10/10/2017 

    * New Feature Release: Cart Identifier - Create product identifiers that can show a custom content for a specified product when on the cart summary page.
    - App performance improvements and fixes.
  • VERSION 1.0.2

    UPDATE 1.0.2 18/09/2017

    General Improvements to app performance.

    Cart Monitor 1.0.1 - Autosave settings. 

  • VERSION 1.0

    RELEASE 1.0 - 07/09/2017 

    Cart Monitor 1.0

    Cart Hero 1.0

    Cart Message 1.2* - Custom editor content, Show custom messages to All Users, Logged in Users and Wholeselers. 

    Cart Redirect 1.1 - New design UI

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